IJSO 2008

This day, I search in the internet about IJSO, caused I saw the news yesterday about the winner .
Congratulations to the winners :
1. Andhika Tangguh Pradana : Medali Emas
2. Abidah Rahmah : Medali Perunggu
3. Erwin Wibowo : Medali Perak
4. Fuad Ikhwanda : Medali Perak
5. Florencia Irena : Medali Perak
6. Jessica Handojo : Medali Perak.
So, if you want to find out more about IJSO you can open this blog IJSO SFC. This blog remind me about our crazyness in IJSO 2008 carantine in Bandung. I hope we all could meet together.

PS :- Miss them so much
- Miss my room mate (wita)


  1. iyh . i miss them too . n proud for the winners.. haha .. miss u too golda..
    hanny edwanda

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