Farewell (at Wednesday, 3 June 2009 )

First News :
Wish me luck for my new band,guys. The name is Yellow Pages and we are going to perform at my school farewell. By the way, I'm the vocalist in this band. The other members are Ines (vocalist), Cheryl (DJ), Nadia (Guitar), Sasya (Guitar), Astari (Bass), and Laras (Drum).

Second News :
I have found the perfect costume for my farewell. Thanks a lot for my sister and my mother that gave this idea. I chose an adventure theme for the costume. And I'm going to wear an ultra cute straw hat from Point Break. I just can't wait till wednesday. But, sadly the farewell is going to be in the morning ( 09.00 ), and I think it just doesn't seem like a farewell. I really like if the farewell start at evening so we can really feel this party like "a prom". Anyway my costume is going to be like a mix of indiana jones and the pirates of the carribbean movie.

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