BTS My Class ( 9B ) Yearbook

The yearbook shot was so much FUN!! My class has a theme about action movies. So, we decided to take the yearbook shot at Kota Wisata, Cibubur (in Rio's and Riris's house). My group chose james bond theme and we took the shot in a cafe that very cool. All of us were dressed in black ( you can see it from my outfit that black from top to toe) . After the photo shot, we rode a bicycle from riris's house to Rio's and it quite far. Arin and I were together and we were TOTALY LOST and tired. But, after we asked someone, we could find Rio's house and it was so silly. I just can't wait to see my yearbook.

My outfit for the yearbook :
- blazer
- black t's
- black tights
- high waist short
- black flat shoes
- glasses


  1. wah, bagus banget fotonya. Buat buku tahunan ya!

  2. aelah ga ada guenya, lo knp sih gol sm gue? benci? bilang aja! -_- canda

  3. ya gak lah win, gw uplodin foto lo kok di fb