"HAPPY" and "SAD"

Today, I went to Biennale in Indonesian National Gallery. I went there with my family, except my sister because she had a school trip. The Art Works were so amazing, unique, and very exciting for me. Actually, I really really want to go to all Biennale in Jakarta. But the I don't have much time and all the place are different. So sad.......

This one is too dark so, I decided to give a little add from me

I look like a paper (lol)

I edit for this one
But, after all these happiness, I got an accident. MY BROTHER BROKE MY FAVOURITE SUN GLASSES. I was very very mad and sad because I bought it in a bazaar that held only once a year. But, I think I just need to let it go and wait for the next bazaar or buy a new one. So, this accident inspired me to make this artwork.

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