Just can't wait till my holymoly day. Miss my Mom, Dad, and my creepy little brothers and sister at home. Miss my friends very very mucho, and can't wait to have breakfast with PA (actually anya told me just a minute ago).

Well,I wanna tell you about my really really complicated life in my friggin school. Oh I just hate the examination time is creepin me out. When I was in junior, I didn't feel this difficult, but now it's totally different. Everything is just different and the examination time is the worst. The teachers make the test very very hard, especially physic. Oh, I just hate physic. You know what, my physic teacher make the test from some friggin physic olympiad in India (let's underline,bold, and italic the word India). Hey man, are you nuts??? How can we do the test?? I think this teacher is way too smart and he doesn't want us to get good score on his subject.

By the way, I'm starting my diet in here, but it was pretty hard. Cause we have to eat the food that made in the dining room. And you know the reason why??? because we have to sit with those creepy sister (well, actually not all of them), but still we have to finish all of the food even if we don't like it,and the size of the food is jumbo (sounds crazy enough for a girl right??). Hey, why we have to eat something that we don't like. Actually I pay here man, why I have to deal with those bad sister (not all of them).

Well, I guess that's my destiny. I think it's quite a long post and lack of picture, and maybe it's kinda boring to hear my story in this military boarding school. But, hey it doesn't matter, maybe next post will be much better and more happier. Cause next week is HOLYMOLYDAY!!!!


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