Message from Jail

Hello guys, well I guess this is my first post from jail (you know what I mean right, my friggin boarding school). Today is Sunday, but I don't feel like holiday at all. I miss my family so much, I want to go home to refresh my brain from this frustating time in this damn school. I wanna hug my mom so bad, I want to talk to her. And I guess this school is just too much. You know what I mean too much,with all the rule, the "seniors", maybe I can write a book from my miserable life in here. Perhaps my book can be the bestseller.
Well, one thing that make me frustate more is tomorrow. Because tomorrow, I will have some quiz from my killer physic's teacher. Oh god, please help me, I want to pass my quiz qith a good score.By the way, I haven't post any pictures from my holiday in Melbourne. Cause I only spent three days in Jakarta last holiday, so maybe after the next holiday I will post it. Well, I just can't wait for the next holiday, but first I must prepare for my examination. What a life!!!


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